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 Yamaha 37" Spinet Piano For Sale -- Used Piano Center

Yamaha 37" Spinet Piano & Bench

PIANO: Yamaha 37" Spinet Piano & Matching Bench, serial #741489

  Scandinavian Walnut in Satin Lacquer Finish.

Description: Yamaha Pianos, made in Japan, are very well-designed instruments and present a very good value in today's market.  This model was made for the home market as one of the first performance spinet pianos imported.  This piano was built in the Hamamatsu factory in the Summer of 1968 and was purchased that year by the owner.  The owner took very good care of the piano and did not play it much.  Now at 85, the owner is downsizing and must part with her beloved Yamaha.  It is an uncommon value due to the fact that it is virtually new and in immaculate condition.   This piano is built better than its newer Yamaha cousins -- now manufactured in either Indonesia or China.  Most used Japanese pianos available are 'grey market' instruments that are made for the Pacific Rim market and not seasoned for North America.  But this piano was made for North America and its wood is seasoned for our climate -- insuring its durability. This is a high performance piano that is highly desired due to its phenomenal tone and action for the size.  A very, very rare find!!

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