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Carefully selected hardly used pianos from Steinway,  Yamaha, Bechstein, Bosendorfer, Mason & Hamlin,  Kawai,   Wm. Knabe, Boston, Baldwin, Ibach, Chickering, and more.

Anyone shopping for a piano today immediately faces a stark reality:  PIANOS ARE EXPENSIVE!!!  Realistically, how do you know to choose the right piano for your family and get a durable, reliable instrument?


The best answer is a low wear, quality built used piano because as everyone knows:    


New pianos today have cheaper materials, less quality and  workmanship  due  to  economic stresses  on manufacturers and the expense of good raw materials.  Even the premium piano makers have had to adjust to lesser materials because of scarcity of the quality materials, once plentiful, and easily found in the older used pianos! Sadly, it is no longer cost effective to purchase a new piano due to these factors.

So the best solution is a QUALITY USED PIANO that has been completely refurbished. Remember that a well built piano was made to last 75 to 100 years!

Because most piano shoppers are truly overwhelmed by the choices and high prices, the piano-shopping experience becomes a process where you feel vulnerable to the sales-oriented piano sales staff in stores.  First,  there are SO MANY brands on the market from USA, Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia, the former Soviet Union, and other Baltic states, and more! How do you know if you are getting a good piano or even something that will last more than 2 years?

Most imports use wood that is not necessarily SEASONED for the U.S. climate and may fail prematurely due to our harsh climate and humidity extremes. Therefore, most imported pianos often have a life-span from as low as 2 to 3 years up to 25 to 30 years.

Used Piano Center - restored pianos for sale 

Many American-made pianos have a life of 100 years due to domestic quality materials and construction.  If you notice, you rarely will see a used imported piano that is over 25 years old!  Only a well-made Japanese piano can last up from  65 to 80 years if humidity is properly controlled.  But,  most high quality used pianos of American manufacture are found up to 100 to 150 years old and still playing!

We encourage you to come in and see the quality and value of the huge selection restored of used pianos and COMPARE !!!

Used Piano Center

Not all pianos are created equal and many pianos that seem the same are not.  We can explain the differences and are here to help you select the best piano for your specific needs.

 Doc Serverinson, Clark Terry, Wynton Marsalis -- Used Piano Center, Evan Tublitz

  Doc Severinson, Clark Terry, Wynton Marsalis

Family Owned & Operated
An owner with over 37 years of experience, Mr. Evan Tublitz, RPT, is an internationally known concert piano technician who has owned and operated both extensive service businesses and a large chain of retail stores in Upstate New York.  He has also consulted with  other  retail  piano  stores  to  share  his  experience  and philosophy  regarding  serving  both  the  customer  and  the instruments appropriately.

Recently, the Albany Times Union did an article on Mr. Tublitz on March 27, 2013, click here to read newspaper article.


            Pianist Andr Watts & Evan Tublitz           
after his recital in San Francisco in 2001.

(Worked together for over 35 years!)




Pianos for Sale

He has attended many professional seminars with all major manufacturers and has taught at many PTG conferences as well.  Most notably, in the late 80s through the early 90s, Mr. Tublitz was the North American Technical  Service  Manager  and  Liaison  for  Rud. Ibach  Sohn  Pianofortefabrik, GmbH -  the oldest piano  company in the world still in the hands of the original family (1794).

Arguably a specialist in European Pianos and in concert preparation, Mr. Tublitz has pioneered significant techniques in achieving world class performance on everyday pianos.  He believes that the knowledge he learned at Ibach, Steinway, Yamaha, Petrof and other piano factories has enabled him to utilize selected techniques used in piano regulation and tonal finishing to greatly enhance the most humble of instruments.

Also, his extensive retail experience has enabled him to develop concepts to offer the finest value at the lowest prices.  This is not achieved by selling cheap products at cheap prices but instead by a systematic approach to buying, reconditioning, and marketing pianos with the accent on investing his personal dollars where it will do the most good while controlling costs. The goal is to achieve a balance between cost of acquisition, cost of reconditioning, and ultimate value. He has successfully achieved this and honed this concept to insure that you will find better values here than anywhere else.

Used Piano Center--Signed Artist Program  Mstislav RostropovichHaving sold his chain of stores in upstate New York, he is now free to pursue a less hectic schedule allowing him to personally attend to every detail in his shop.  He has developed the concept of USED PIANO CENTER as a way of offering a quality alternative without the typical marketing subterfuge. He combs the country for the finest values in pianos and is very selective in order to be able to offer the quality and value at each price range. Each piano is notable in its performance for its size and ability to sing and express the player's innermost emotions!

Evan Tublitz, RPT-- Used Piano Center

Well-Rounded Musician 
First and foremost, Evan Tublitz is a pianist/musician and a trained concert technician and builder and is madly in love with the keyboard instruments and the music written for them. He is active in pursuing his hobby of researching old pianists (prior to 1920) and obtaining their recordings.  Used Piano Center is an extension and outgrowth of this love of the piano and he hopes that you sense it in each instrument.

Community Service & Giving Back                        

Evan Tublitz has been very active in the local community events and organizations.  A past President of  Hudson-Adirondack chapter of the Piano Technicians Guild  (PTG) and past Certified Tuning Examiner for the PTG,  he currently serves on the Board of Directors of Troy Chromatic Concerts, Inc. (one of the oldest concert series in the US)

Until recently,Mr. Tublitz has served on the Board of Directors of the Mechanicville Area Community Services Center -- a social service agency that serves many communities in Saratoga County.   He also is a founding member of Gratis Public Relations  -- an organization dedicated to broadening awareness of the benefits of the Mechanicville/Stillwater area.  Having been very active in  local community revitalization, Mr. Tublitz has served on numerous local committees.

This past year, at the request of Joseph Dalton,  the esteemed music critic of the  Albany  Times  Union,     Evan Tublitz is now blogging  about  music  and pianos  on  the  very popular local Hudson  website. Come visit!

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