Our Story

Founded by Evan Tublitz, RPT, an internationally known concert piano technician,  Used Piano Center, LLC came about as an alternative to traditional piano retailers.  In 1987, he founded the Artist Pianos chain of piano stores in Upstate New York and owned it for many years but then realized that new pianos were NOT being made with the same materials and workmanship as they were in the past.  Upon leaving the firm in 1999, he established Used Piano Center, LLC to offer a better value to the consumer by offering carefully selected pianos with very low wear which then are fully refurbished to concert specifications.

We are now proud to bring this special concept to Richmond, VA at the Piano Maison Richmond where we invite you to visit the Used Piano Center, LLC.

Capitalizing on over 44 years experience in the piano business as a concert piano technician,  Evan Tublitz has been an upstate NY retailer of new pianos like Ibach, Mason & Hamlin, Schimmel, Yamaha, Kawai and more.  As North American Technical Service Manager for the exclusive German brand of Ibach pianos in the 80's- 90's, consultant to the industry and educator, he developed a unique concept to offer the highest quality of used pianos to the public at 50-80% off retail prices of comparable new pianos.

Known for his impeccable craftsmanship, experience and integrity, Mr. Tublitz has succeeded in offering unbeatable values at all price ranges from $2,000 and up. Every piano will perform up to concert standards allowing you to play ANY piece with responsiveness and control.  Shipping pianos across the country and even as far away as Switzerland, Barbados and beyond, Used Piano Center, LLC has exceeded expectations with every sale and still insists on its 110% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee!


From starter pianos to fine performance grands, we provide the best value in pianos by investing in quality instruments, performing complete refurbishing and creating values that cannot be duplicated by both retailers and manufacturers.  Evan Tublitz personally stands behind the quality and performance of every instrument he sells.


Our Mission & Philosophy

To provide the highest quality and value, Evan Tublitz selects ONLY 4 out of 100 pianos he inspects to assure that each piano meets his strict standards:

  1. LOW WEAR -- Less than 5% if not less than 1% wear to perform like a new piano.

  2. CONDITION -- All components: Action, Strings, Hammers, Pinblock, Soundboard and Cabinet must be in excellent condition prior to refurbishing.

  3. COST -- The cost of initial acquisition must allow for the investment of the refurbishing to assure the piano will sell UNDER MARKET VALUE!

  4. DURABILITY -- The piano must last for a lifetime after the sale.

  5. GUARANTEE -- Each piano must have a 5-year Warranty to insure quality.

  6. LIFETIME FULL VALUE TRADE FOR UPGRADE -- To further guarantee the value after the sale, each piano can be traded in at FULL PRICE for an upgrade. (Unique to our store, customers may trade in their piano against the LOWEST sale price instead of against MSRP or higher prices as in most stores.)

We believe in offering pianos that will OUT-PERFORM all other similar models of the same make by refurbishing the piano to CONCERT STANDARD rather than typical manufacturer specification.  We are proud to say that our pianos will sound 2-3 sizes larger in tone than its actual size due to our special refurbishing methods. This ensures every piano will easily perform the most demanding music with ease. 


We guarantee that each piano will be delivered, better tuned, better regulated and better voiced than any competitive piano.  Furthermore, we can assure you that your piano keeps its high performance while maintaining the lowest costs of ownership than all other pianos.


"Evan is better than anybody," said jazz pianist Lee Shaw. "I've had many pianos tuned by other people and he is by far the best. He has deep knowledge and really loves what he does."