PREMIER 4’ 10” Walnut Baby Grand Piano

PIANOPREMIER 4’ 10” Walnut Grand Piano & Bench

serial # 43144      

 Finish:    Walnut Satin Finish.

Description:  Premier Piano Company was one of the many fine upper mid-range piano manufacturers in the early 1900’s.  This piano is evident of the fine design and quality of manufacture.  With features like a full perimeter plate, normally found in high-end instruments like Mason & Hamlin,  the tone of this piano is superior for its size.  Manufactured in late 1925,    this wonderful instrument was well cared for and has original hammers, strings and soundboard.  The finish is in remarkable condition and the piano action has been regulated and voiced in the German tradition. 

This is another fine value as this piano has such high end qualities that cannot be duplicated today without tremendous expense for its small size.