KAWAI, 803-T, 43½” Console Piano

Kawai 803T web.JPG

PIANOKAWAI,  803-T, 43½” Console Piano & Matching Bench,  serial # 1673732

Finish:   Traditional Walnut Finish

 Description:  Kawai is one of the famous Japanese Piano builders who specialize in fine craftmanship and a warm rich tone in their pianos.  Favored by conservatories and teachers around the world,  Kawai has created their reputation based on their deep understanding of European piano building and partnerships with famous makers like Ibach and now Steinway.  Kawai builds the Boston Pianos for Steinway and this endorsement should say enough about their quality of manufacture.  Built in the Hamamatsu factory in the late Summer of 1986,  this piano was purchased new by a local executive family. This piano wasnot used hardly at all because the lady who played developed hand problems in the first year of ownership.   The comparable new model is the 607 series which is made in Indonesia. This is a real find at nearly half of its price new – for Japanese Kawai quality which is not available today. This piano is truly incredible for such a high performance piano in a beautiful designer Traditional Walnut Cabinet with Grand Style Lid!!