Steinway & Sons, model O, Louis XV, 5’10½” Grand & Bench

PIANO:   Steinway & Sons, model O, Louis XV,   5’10½” Grand & Bench, serial # 190934

Finish:   Hand Carved Louis XV in Figured English Mahogany

Description:    This rare Louis XV Steinway model O was reputedly owned by the famous composer, Rudolf Friml.  Made in New York on November 21, 1918, this piano’s original owner was Louis G. Myers, 102 Waverly Place, NYC.  Assuming he sold the piano to the famous Mr. Friml, this instrument was subsequently purchased used by a very prominent industrialist and his wife for their daughter in the mid-1950’s at which time the piano was refinished to its current condition. Replete with famous Steinway features like Diaphramatic Soundboard, Hexagrip Maple Pinblock, and made in the Golden Period of Steinway, this piano was restrung and had new highly-prized Steinway pre-War hammers installed prior to WWII and before the current owner acquired it.  This rare model has been completely reconditioned to concert-level performance while retaining the old world sound and quality.  This piano had very little playing on the new hammers and is truly a beautiful sounding and playing piano—a true musician’s instrument!  This is a true blessing to have and work on and is a bona-fide musician’s piano with supreme musicality, furniture and provenance!!  Beyond Rare!

Treble Side view _Louis XV.jpg