Yamaha, model P22, 45” Studio Upright/Bench

PIANO: Yamaha, model P22, 45” Studio Upright/Bench, serial # T273660

Finish:     Dark American Oak Finish.

Description:  Yamaha Pianos, made in Japan, are very well designed instruments and present a very good value in today’s market.   This piano was built in the Thomaston, GA. factory in the Fall of 2001.  This piano was purchased new in Houston, TX by a family for their daughter. The daughter used the piano sparingly and yet it was regularly maintained.   This Yamaha piano is built better than its newer Yamaha cousins now manufactured in the factory in Indonesia or China.  Most used Japanese pianos available are ‘grey market’ instruments that are made for the Pacific Rim market and not seasoned for North America.  But this piano is made for North America and its wood is seasoned for our climate – insuring its durability.  Today, all P22 Studio Uprights are made in Indonesia and do not compare in quality.

This is a high performance studio upright that is highly desired due to warm, expressive tone at an unbeatable price!