Yamaha, G3, 6’0” Professional Grand & Bench, serial #85865

PIANO:    Yamaha,  G3,  6’0” Professional Grand & Bench,  serial #85865

Finish:     Ebony Polish Finish

Description:  Yamaha Pianos, made in Japan, are very well designed instruments and are internationally recognized as world class pianos of exceptional value.  This model was made for the professional market as a high quality performance instrument.  Designed to be a sweeter elegant sounding model, this piano was built in the Hamamatsu factory in 1969.  Bought from a bankrupt dealer in Oregon, this piano was part of his unused rental inventory. It has been completely rebuilt and refinished with factory hammers and parts, new strings, new pinblock and original soundboard and bridges.  This piano appears to have been hardly used.  It has a uniquely warm tone and very even touch and sound.  We only had to regulate the action and voice the hammers as it needed little else.  The piano is built better than its newer Yamaha cousins due to a less brighter and more traditional European sound than the newer Yamaha Grands. This is a unique find in a fine piano that is like brand new at less than half the price of a new one!