PIANO: Hardman, 116C, 45” Studio Upright Piano

PIANOHardman, 116C, 45” Studio Upright Piano & Bench,

serial # E08187 with QRS Petine Player Piano & speaker installed.

Finish:   Dark Mahogany Polish Finish.

 Description:  Hardman, Peck & Co. is a well known New York manufacturer who specialized in fine quality grand pianos and high styled vertical pianos for the finest homes in East.  Known for their cabinet designs, art cases and special edition pianos,  Hardman became part of the Aeolian Group before World War II and ceased all operations in 1982.  After years of being fallow, the name was purchased by North American Music of Nanuet, NY and they started producing a range of pianos made by Dongbei Piano Company in Northern China.  These pianos are being marketed as ‘value pianos’ to compete with all the other Chinese and Indonesian made products.  This piano has the QRS Petine Player Piano System installed including a speaker for orchestral sounds.  It was purchased new from Performance Pianos by a local restaurant in 2004.  Upon change of ownership, the piano was sold and we have completely refurbished the piano, resolved some technical issues and now can offer this as a fine value in an entry level player piano in a studio upright.