Young Chang, U131-C 52” Chippendale Professional Upright

Young Chang U131C

PIANOYoung Chang,  U131-C 52” Chippendale Professional Upright/Bench,  serial #0257249

Finish:     French Provincial Ebony Polish Finish.

Description:  Young Chang is the premier Korean Piano Manufacturer that became the largest piano manufacturer in the world in the 1990’s – surpassing even Yamaha!  Favored by other manufacturers to build contract pianos for them,  Young Chang has created their reputation based on their deep understanding of European piano building and partnerships with famous makers like Ibach and Steinway. This piano was purchased used in 15 years ago from a dealer in Maryland and was manufactured in Inchon, Korea in March 1987.  It is a successful example of Young Chang quality with hard rock maple pinblock, bridges, and action parts, Royal George Felt Hammers, Solid Sitka Spruce Soundboard and Roslau Strings.  The rare special edition French Ebony cabinet is hand carved and beautiful craftsmanship and material. Current product from Young Chang is made in their Tianjin, China factory as is of much lower quality of both materials and workmanship.  Young Chang suffered from the increase in costs and of the Korean currency (won) and became as expensive as comparable Japanese models.  With this special cabinet, it is impossible to find this type of quality for even double the price!  Great buy!!!