Mason & Hamlin, model A, 5’ 8” Grand

PIANOMason & Hamlin, model A, 5’ 8” Grand & Bench, serial # 37092

Finish:   Ebony Satin Finish.

Description:  Many musicians prefer the broad singing tone of the Boston built Mason and Hamlin over the Steinway.  This Grand Piano was built in the famous Boston factory in mid 1928 and is the example of Mason & Hamlin’s golden age—one of the last of the great Boston Mason & Hamlins!!  After the factory was moved in late ‘20’s,  Mason & Hamlin lost a great degree of its value due to increasingly poorer quality of execution .  This piano was kept by a older woman piano teacher who lived alone.  She adored the instrument and her 2 cats. When she died,  the contents of her house were disposed of through an estate sale. We opted to accept the condition of the cabinet, acceptable but noticeably used, and the condition of the superstructure (soundboard, pinblock, strings, etc.) and chose to recondition the action and reset tuning pins to insure tuning stability.  The original hammers were resurfaced and voiced and the action was reconditioned and regulated.  This piano is truly a musician’s piano and is larger in tone than any comparable Steinway.  We havechosen not to completely rebuild this piano to offer a truly remarkable value price.