Steinway, model S, 5'1" Grand

PIANO:  Steinway, model S, 5'1" Grand & Matching Duet Bench, serial # 383565

Finish:  Select African Mahogany in polished Lacquer Finish

Description:  From a high-end estate in Glens Falls, NY that had two matching Steinways, this piano is an example of the best Steinway has to offer in this size piano.  Made in New York, in the Fall of 1963, this instrument was exceptionally cared for in that the original soundboard and action are immaculate.  The piano is totally original, hardly played, and has been completely reconditioned to concert-level performance.  Replete with famous Steinway features like Diaphramatic Soundboard, Hexagrip Maple Pinblock, Accelerated action with Permafree bushings, this piano was made to last easily for 100 years if well maintained. The beautiful finish has been polished to a high gloss.  This piano has a huge tone and produces sound more like its larger brother -- the 5'7" model M.  This is a musician's piano in a small size with a big voice that will grace any living room anywhere.  

                     This is the best model S Baby Grand I have ever seen!!!!