Yamaha, model G3, 6'0" Professional Grand #3490622

PIANO: Yamaha, model G3, 6'0" Professional Grand & Bench, serial # 3490622

Finish:  Ebony Polish

Description:  Yamaha Pianos, made in Japan, are very well designed instruments and are internationally recognized as world class pianos of exceptional value.  This model was made for the professional market as a high quality performance instrument.  Built in the Hamamatsu factory in the Spring of 1982, it was purchased later that year by a dealer.  Bought from the same dealer in Oregon who went bankrupt, this piano was part of his large unused rental inventory.  It appears to be a Metropolitan Opera Loan Piano where Yamaha lends instrument for a short period for promotional reasons.  The piano is in impeccable condition and appears to have been hardly used.  Having a huge tone, very even touch and sound, we only had to regulate the action and voice the piano in the German manner as it needed little else.  This piano is built better than its newer Yamaha cousins due to a less brighter and more traditional European sound than the newer Yamaha Grands.  Also, it is unusual to find such a fine performance instrument that has not been heavily used -- clearly an unusual value and pedigree!