Yamaha, model G1J, 5’3” Grand, serial # 2690102

PIANO: Yamaha,  model G1J,  5’3” Grand & Duet Bench, serial # 2690102
Finish:   Satin Ebony Finish

Description:  Yamaha Pianos, made in Japan, are very well designed instruments and present a very good value in today’s market.  This model was made for the home market as a quality 5’3” grand piano for the average buyer.  This piano was built in the Hamamatsu factory in mid 1978 and was purchased new at Clark Music in Latham, NY by an executive family.  The owner took very good care of the piano and purchased the piano for their boys – neither of whom played much.  It is an uncommon value due to the fact it is virtually new and in immaculate condition.  This piano is the well respected ‘J’ scale that is actually highly desired. This piano performs much like the current C1 but has a depth and expression of a fine small German grand due to the German voicing and concert regulation performed.  The piano is built better than its newer Yamaha cousins now manufactured in the factory in Indonesia.  Most used Japanese pianos available are ‘grey market’ instruments that are made for the Pacific Rim market and not seasoned for North America.  But this piano is made for North America and its wood is seasoned for our climate – insuring its durability.  A rare find in this immaculate condition!!