WEBER, 5’1” Italian Florentine Art Case Grand Piano and Bench

Weber Ital Florentine Front Closeup web.JPG

PIANO:  WEBER, 5’1” Art Case Grand Piano and Bench, Serial # 81319

Finish: Inlaid Italian Florentine Double Leg in American Walnut Lacquer Finish.

 Description:  Albert Weber was one of America’s most respected piano builders.  Preferred by Paderewski and others, Weber pianos were always highly praised and deep rich musical instruments.  Weber, like Knabe, Chickering and Mason & Hamlin was bought out in the late ‘20’s by Aeolian American Corporation.  This piano was manufactured early in 1930 and was probably made in East Rochester, NY along with its high-end cousins, Mason & Hamlin, Knabe and Chickering.  This piano represents a level of craftsmanship that is almost extinct and truly very rare today.  The special art case furniture design with the double turned gated legs in an Italian Florentine style with floral inlays on all legs and the music rack with exotic woods like quilted walnut, mahogany, rosewood, black walnut and more!  There is also a medallion above the treble leg of quilted walnut and more that is extraordinary!  This piano features the original special hammers of German felt that have a remarkable sound and has been conserved to keep the original tone quality.  This piano was rebuilt in the 1980’s and the tuning pins are like new tight!  This is a true museum piece that will adorn any living room with grace and charm.  SUPER SUPER RARE and UNIQUE!

Weber Ital Florentine Treble Side web.JPG
Weber Art Case Grand Treble Side.jpg