Martin Bros 39”Console Piano & Bench

Martin Bros. 39 Console.JPG

PIANO:    Martin Bros39”Console Piano & Bench, serial # 58745

Finish:     Italian Provincial Walnut in Satin Lacquer Finish.

Description: Martin Bros. was one of the many Boston manufacturers in the early part of this century. They stopped making pianos in the late 1920’s.  The name was not used for many years and then was resurrected by a piano company to use for small home console pianos in the 1970’s and 80’s. This piano was purchased new by a local family whose children did not use the piano much.  It was housed in the basement family room since its purchase and was used more as a bookcase than anything else.  The piano was hardly ever played and is virtually like new.  It is a perfect entry level piano for the beginner or intermediate player.  This 39” piano was ‘billed’ as a console due to its size (3” larger then most spinets) but it has a drop action (spinet type)  installed in it.  It is very responsive and has a large tone for its size.  These pianos were also sold with the guarantee that the soundboard would never crack.  A very good value!