Mason & Hamlin, 41.5" French Provincial Cherry Console

Mason & Hamlin Fr. Prov Console #76975.jpg

PIANO:   Mason & Hamlin, 41.5” Console  & matching bench, serial # 76975

Finish:    French Provincial Cherry with carved legs in lacquer–rubbed to a high gloss.

Description:    Made in East Rochester, NY in  mid-1973,  this exquisite console is a designer piece that is quite unusual and rare.  This features highly figured select cherry cabinet with the hand carved cabriole french front legs and and elaborate case replete with sound escapement behind music rack and decorative moldings throughout.    This piano has a high polish finish that is in remarkably fine condition and was hardly used.   The tone on this piano is huge for its size…..much like the Steinway consoles. Contributing to that tone is the exclusive Mason & Hamlin tension resonator and the full perimeter plate that stabilizes the tension and insures crown in the soundboard. The action has been completely reconditioned, regulated to concert specification and hammers voiced.  A piano of this quality would cost in excess of $20,000 new on sale!  Incredible value no longer available in this day and age!!  This is another gem!

KAWAI, 503-QA, 42 ½” Queen Anne Mahogany Console Piano

PIANOKAWAI,  503-QA, 42 ½” Console Piano & Bench,  serial # A64474

Finish:   Queen Anne Mahogany Satin Finish

Description:  Kawai is one of the famous Japanese Piano builders who specialize in fine craftmanship and a warm rich tone in their pianos.  Favored by conservatories and teachers around the world,  Kawai has created their reputation based on their deep understanding of European piano building and partnerships with famous makers like Ibach and now Steinway.  Kawai builds the Boston Pianos for Steinway and this endorsement should say enough about their quality of manufacture.  This piano was manufactured in the Lincolnton, NC factory in Feb./March 1996 (Not in Indonesia) and was purchased from Hilton Piano in Crossgates Mall and has been played lightly.  This piano is in immaculate showroom condition and has a huge bass.  A mahogany Queen Anne piano is a rare find at nearly half of its price new.

Baldwin, model 636, 42”Classic Queen Anne Cherry Console

PIANO: Baldwin, model 636, 42”Classic Console & Matching Bench, serial # 1448095

Finish:    Queen Anne Cherry in Satin Lacquer Finish.

Description: Famous for their dominance in the American Vertical Piano market, Baldwin has been the #1 selling American piano through the late 90’s.  This piano, made in Trumann, AKin 1988,  is in immaculate condition having had almost no use.  It was owned by an executive family and resided proudly in the formal living room. This piano was regularly maintained by well-known piano technician –John Dubois.  This piano was purchased new at Clark Music in late 1988. It has been completely reconditioned including action regulated and hammers voiced.  The Classic series of consoles were made on the same assembly line as the famous high-end Acrosonic model and has the same feature of a full-size console action in an somewhat simpler elegant cabinet than the exclusive Acrosonic.  This is a fabulous find in a value piano made by an heirloom manufacturer.  This is an uncommon find!!!


Janssen 41½” American Walnut Console Piano

PIANO: Janssen 41½”Console & Matching Bench, serial # 169066

 Finish:  American Walnut in satin lacquer finish.

 Description: Janssen was always known as a manufacturer of home vertical pianos for the American market.  Known for their unique designs which included a piano/organ combination and pianos with built-in light on the music desk, the biggest feature of the Janssen piano was the philosophy of the owner called the Janssen Creed that was on a decal under every lid –pledging to make sure that every customer and their piano was to be treated fairly and justly and with respect. This piano, made in Elkhart, Indiana in 1965,  is in wonderful condition having had very moderate use.  It was used by two children taking lessons and has been completely reconditioned including action regulated and hammers voiced.  The studio console design was developed as an affordable school piano design and is very durable. This piano has a big tone for its size and is solidly built. 

You will not find its equal in quality for less than $4,500.00.

Martin Bros 39”Console Piano & Bench

Martin Bros. 39 Console.JPG

PIANO:    Martin Bros39”Console Piano & Bench, serial # 58745

Finish:     Italian Provincial Walnut in Satin Lacquer Finish.

Description: Martin Bros. was one of the many Boston manufacturers in the early part of this century. They stopped making pianos in the late 1920’s.  The name was not used for many years and then was resurrected by a piano company to use for small home console pianos in the 1970’s and 80’s. This piano was purchased new by a local family whose children did not use the piano much.  It was housed in the basement family room since its purchase and was used more as a bookcase than anything else.  The piano was hardly ever played and is virtually like new.  It is a perfect entry level piano for the beginner or intermediate player.  This 39” piano was ‘billed’ as a console due to its size (3” larger then most spinets) but it has a drop action (spinet type)  installed in it.  It is very responsive and has a large tone for its size.  These pianos were also sold with the guarantee that the soundboard would never crack.  A very good value!

Yamaha, model M-1A,42” Continental Console Piano , serial # D3465772

PIANOYamaha, model M-1A,42” Continental Console Piano , serial # D3465772            

Finish:  Satin Walnut Finish.

Description:  Yamaha Pianos, made in Japan, are very well designed instruments and present a very good value in today’s market.  This model was made for the home market as one of the first performance consoles imported.  This piano was built in the Hamamatsu factory in the March of 1982 and was purchased that year by the owner at Clark Music.  The owner took very good care of the piano (regular service by Michael Lamkin, RPT) and her children did not continue with lessons.  Not having been played much,  the piano has been sitting in their living room and finally was sold as they are moving.  It is an uncommon value due to the fact it is virtually new and in immaculate condition.  The piano is built better than its newer Yamaha cousins now manufactured in the factory in Indonesia or China.  Most used Japanese pianos available are ‘grey market’ instruments that are made for the Pacific Rim market and not seasoned for North America.  But this piano is made for North America and its wood is seasoned for our climate – insuring its durability.  This is a high performance console that is highly desired due to phenomenal tone and action. A very, very rare find!! 

Sohmer & Co., model 34LS, 42” French Prov. Console, serial #259716

PIANO: Sohmer & Co., model 34LS, 42” French Prov. Console, serial #259716          

Finish: Select Dark Cherry in satin lacquer finish and Matching Bench


Description: Sohmer & Co. is the only high quality manufacturer that truly competed with Steinway in quality in this country.  Founded in 1872 by Hugo Sohmer,   Sohmer & Co. produced both the highest quality verticals and grands in Long Island City – across the bay from Steinway & Sons. Hugo Sohmer was famous for his meticulous attention to detail and for his insistence on procuring the finest materials available.  He routinely would reject lumber in his factory if it did not come up to his strict standards!  Noted for their opulent cabinetry and solid core cabinets,  Sohmer was the piano of the upper class executive home who wanted more elegant cabinets than available at Steinway & Sons.  This piano was made the Spring of 1987 in the Long Island City factory and was originally purchased in Long Island.  Purchased new in 1987 at K Music in Utica NY, this piano has all Sohmer quality features such as: Quarter Sawn Hard Rock Maple Pinblock, Quarter Sawn Adirondack Spruce Soundboard, Extra Heavy Hard Rock Maple Back Posts and Pratt Read Premium Action.  This piano has a huge tone and responsive action normally found in a Studio Upright. A rare find--this is a high-end Steinway-class piano!!