Sohmer & Co., model 34LS, 42” French Prov. Console, serial #259716

PIANO: Sohmer & Co., model 34LS, 42” French Prov. Console, serial #259716          

Finish: Select Dark Cherry in satin lacquer finish and Matching Bench


Description: Sohmer & Co. is the only high quality manufacturer that truly competed with Steinway in quality in this country.  Founded in 1872 by Hugo Sohmer,   Sohmer & Co. produced both the highest quality verticals and grands in Long Island City – across the bay from Steinway & Sons. Hugo Sohmer was famous for his meticulous attention to detail and for his insistence on procuring the finest materials available.  He routinely would reject lumber in his factory if it did not come up to his strict standards!  Noted for their opulent cabinetry and solid core cabinets,  Sohmer was the piano of the upper class executive home who wanted more elegant cabinets than available at Steinway & Sons.  This piano was made the Spring of 1987 in the Long Island City factory and was originally purchased in Long Island.  Purchased new in 1987 at K Music in Utica NY, this piano has all Sohmer quality features such as: Quarter Sawn Hard Rock Maple Pinblock, Quarter Sawn Adirondack Spruce Soundboard, Extra Heavy Hard Rock Maple Back Posts and Pratt Read Premium Action.  This piano has a huge tone and responsive action normally found in a Studio Upright. A rare find--this is a high-end Steinway-class piano!!