PIANO: Steinway & Sons, model M, 5’7” Grand Piano, serial # 204702

PIANOSteinway & Sons,  model M, 5’7” Grand Piano &  bench,  serial # 204702

Finish:     Dark Mahogany Satin Finish.

Description:  Steinway is undoubtedly the piano that all musicians aspire to and some are lucky to own.  However, not all Steinway’s are alike.  The Steinway factory Golden Years of manufacturing were from the turn of the century through1929.  Some of their finest examples of musicality and craftsmanship were built during these years.  However, finding a piano from this era in truly wonderful condition is very very rare!  This model M, 5’7” Grand was manufactured in the Long Island City factory in November 1920 and is a remarkable example of the high level of craftsmanship and tone.  Most pianos hope to sound and play as this piano does and usually they do not.  This piano was owned by a 91 year old man who recently sold his house and had to part with his beloved piano as well.  The piano was well cared for and was tuned regularly throughout its life.  The soundboard is in immaculate condition and the hammers are the famous pre-war Steinway hammers that created the tone favored by Rachmaninoff, Rubenstein and Horowitz.  They can not be replaced for love or money and to find a piano like this that was not ever played heavily is unbelievable!