Janssen 41½” American Walnut Console Piano

PIANO: Janssen 41½”Console & Matching Bench, serial # 169066

 Finish:  American Walnut in satin lacquer finish.

 Description: Janssen was always known as a manufacturer of home vertical pianos for the American market.  Known for their unique designs which included a piano/organ combination and pianos with built-in light on the music desk, the biggest feature of the Janssen piano was the philosophy of the owner called the Janssen Creed that was on a decal under every lid –pledging to make sure that every customer and their piano was to be treated fairly and justly and with respect. This piano, made in Elkhart, Indiana in 1965,  is in wonderful condition having had very moderate use.  It was used by two children taking lessons and has been completely reconditioned including action regulated and hammers voiced.  The studio console design was developed as an affordable school piano design and is very durable. This piano has a big tone for its size and is solidly built. 

You will not find its equal in quality for less than $4,500.00.