Hardman, 5’0 Baby Grand Piano & Matching Bench, serial # 96360

PIANOHardman, 5’0 Baby GrandPiano & Matching Bench, serial # 96360

 Finish:   French Provincial Hand-Carved Walnut in high-gloss lacquer finish.

Description:  This unique, museum piece piano was built in New York in November/December 1936 and is a true example of the art of elaborate furniture design.   Hardman is a well known New York manufacturer who specialized in fine quality grand pianos and high styled vertical pianos for the finest homes in East.  Known for their cabinet designs, art cases and special edition pianos,  this model is a limited production instrument that was designed for the elegant executive New York City townhouse.  Small in stature but built like a tank,  this piano is a gem to behold. This piano was rebuilt in Long Island in the 1980’s with new strings, new tuning pins, new dampers, shimmed and bleached soundboard, new bridge caps, original action and hammers and refinished cabinet and plate. This piano was a mother’s beloved instrument that was handed down to the daughter who is now downsizing and must part with the family heirloom. It is very rare and not likely to be seen again as most of the production is still kept closely guarded by discriminating families or was destroyed at the end of its life.