Yamaha, model UX, 52” Professional Upright and bench, serial # 3056452

PIANO:   Yamaha, model UX,  52” Professional Upright and bench, serial # 3056452

Finish:    Ebony Polish Finish.


Description: Yamaha is known for supplying the world’s universities and conservatories with the U series Professional Upright Piano as the quintessential practice room piano. This is the famous UX/WX3 model, that was the highest grade of performance upright piano Yamaha made.  Based on the an 52” German Scale Design, the back of this piano is unique in that the posts are a radial designed X-back which provides double the stability and more power. Made in early 1980, this piano appears to have been hardly used.  It is inimmaculate condition and has a huge tone and very even touch and sound.  We only had to regulate the action andvoice the hammers as it needed little else.  Most Yamaha professional uprights sold used are usually heavily used and most generally tired.  Note the gold oval plaque on the inside at the treble denoting a special edition instrument—indicating special high performance voicing/regulation (an option at purchase). This is another rarity.   The Yamaha UX is the highest grade of Yamaha designed to compete with the fine German pianos and is the true choice of most fine pianists for their limited space studios !!!