KAWAI, KG6C, 7’4”Semi Concert Grand Piano, serial # 1173177

PIANOKAWAI,  KG6C,7’4”Semi Concert Grand Piano & Bench,  serial # 1173177

 Finish:   Ebony Polish Finish.

Description:  Kawai is one of the famous Japanese Piano builders who specialize in fine craftsmanship and a warm rich tone in their pianos.  Favored by conservatories and teachers around the world,  Kawai has created their reputation based on their deep understanding of European piano building and partnerships with famous makers like Ibach and now Steinway.  Kawai builds the Boston Pianos for Steinway and this endorsement should say enough about their quality of manufacture.  This piano was manufactured new in Aug/Sept.1980 and was made in the Hammamatsu factory in Japan.  The comparable new model is the 7’6” RX-7 that lists for over $75,000.  This piano was obviously well-cared for and not heavily played.  It is very rare to find a Semi-Concert Grand in such pristine condition and with such large, warm tone!  This is a phenomenal value for the serious player or for a concert hall.  Nothing compares with this at this price – ANYWHERE!!!!