Ibach, F-III, 7'1" (215cm), 'model Richard Strauss Semi-Concert Grand

PIANO: Rud. Ibach Sohn, model F-III, 7'1" Semi Concert Grand & Artist Bench, serial # 145.015

Finish:  Ebony Polish

Description: Rud Ibach Sohn is the oldest piano company in the world still making pianos since 1794.  Rarer still, the company is in the hands of the original family with the 7th generation involved and involved in all stages of piano development and manufacture.  Piano builder to famous musicians like Richard Strauss, Richard Wagner, Ferruccio Busoni, Arnold Schoenberg, Franz Liszt, Max Reger, Alban Berg and more, Brahms preferred the sound of the Ibach for his piano concertos!  A very small output maker known for its innovation in design, Ibach was the first company to make a 'Pianino' or in today's terms, the studio upright 118cm (45" vertical piano). Another important historical fact is that Ibach pioneered the practice of building train tracks to the back of the factory to receive raw materials and ship out finished pianos -- the first factory of any kind to do this!   This piano was built in the Schwelm factory near Wuppertal in 1988 and was sent to my store and sold to a fine pianist.  F-III models are made in small quantities of only 35 a year to maintain the high attention to detail and quality.  Soundboards are highly crowned Carpathian Spruce sourced from the slow growth forests in Romania and have the longest sustain (ring time) in the business.  Carpathian Spruce, while similar to Val de Fiemme Spruce from Italy, is actually more sensitive and very expressive in tone.  This piano has a highly polished plate and features leather key bushings in the all Renner Action with specially made Renner hammers.  Ibach utilizes a wide tail design and scale that creates a more 'orchestral bass' and a singing tone that is huge all the way into the upper 6th octave!  This particular instrument has been used in concerts sparingly and has been the 'primo' piano in a two piano concert with a 9' Steinway model D.  The concert pianist chose this piano as the first piano because it carried and projected better than the Steinway -- due to its long sustain and rich tone.  This piano comes equipped with a Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System.  One of the great pianos available in this country!

Very special item!

Ibach F-III Richard Strauss Semi-Concert Grand

Ibach F-III Richard Strauss Semi-Concert Grand

Steinway & Sons, Old Style 3, 7'2" Grand

PIANO: Steinway & Sons, old Style 3, 7’2” Grand & Bench, serial # 38352

Finish: Ebonized in lacquer finish

Description:    This rare and unique old Style 3, 7’2” Grand is a true working Victorian Steinway Grand made in Long Island City, NY in 1877.  Rebuilt in the past 10 years, it received new strings, oversize tuning pins, new Steinway hammers and shanks and flanges. Replete with famous Steinway features like the famous Steinway Foundry Plate, Hard-rock Maple Wrest-plank, and made in the Golden Period of Steinway, this rare model has been completely reconditioned to concert-level performance while retaining the old world sound and quality. Because the restoration work was not quite done to my standards, I undertook to restore this instrument without completely rebuilding it yet again -- to provide a truly unique value to the buyer.  This piano had NO playing on the new hammers and is truly a beautiful sounding and playing late 19th century Steinway Grand piano—built 9 years before Liszt’s death and 12 years before the genius, C.F. Theodore Steinway’s death! Because of its good but not perfect condition, this piano is selling for less than 35% of what many would ask for this restored model. It has been a true blessing to work on such a very unique piano that hearkens back to a time long gone.  Beyond Rare!

Steinway Old Style 3 Front View

Steinway Old Style 3 Front View

Steinway Old Style 3 Soundboard view

Steinway Old Style 3 Soundboard view

Steinway Old Style 3 Side view

Steinway Old Style 3 Side view

KAWAI, KG6C, 7’4”Semi Concert Grand Piano, serial # 1173177

PIANOKAWAI,  KG6C,7’4”Semi Concert Grand Piano & Bench,  serial # 1173177

 Finish:   Ebony Polish Finish.

Description:  Kawai is one of the famous Japanese Piano builders who specialize in fine craftsmanship and a warm rich tone in their pianos.  Favored by conservatories and teachers around the world,  Kawai has created their reputation based on their deep understanding of European piano building and partnerships with famous makers like Ibach and now Steinway.  Kawai builds the Boston Pianos for Steinway and this endorsement should say enough about their quality of manufacture.  This piano was manufactured new in Aug/Sept.1980 and was made in the Hammamatsu factory in Japan.  The comparable new model is the 7’6” RX-7 that lists for over $75,000.  This piano was obviously well-cared for and not heavily played.  It is very rare to find a Semi-Concert Grand in such pristine condition and with such large, warm tone!  This is a phenomenal value for the serious player or for a concert hall.  Nothing compares with this at this price – ANYWHERE!!!!

Baldwin SF-10 7'0" Artist Series Semi-Concert Grand

PIANO: Baldwin, model SF10, 7’0” Artist Grand &  Bench, serial # 297141

Finish:   Ebony Satin in Lacquer Finish.

Description: Famous for their dominance in the American Piano market, Baldwin has been the #1 selling American piano through the late 90’s.  This piano, made in Trumann, AK in the Fall of 1990,  is in immaculate condition having had moderate use. This piano purchased new in 1991 by local college from Clark Music--special ordered fitted with the German Renner Action.  For many years, Baldwin Artist Grands, the upper line of Baldwin, have been renowned as a very sturdy and sought after piano for school and institutional use.  Known for its warm sound,  Baldwin 7’  SF-10 Artist Grands have very large tone and were considered by many to be a real competitor to the Steinway 7’ model B Grand!   Rich and sonorous, it has a huge bass and very beautiful treble with a buttery smooth, responsive action.  This Grand incorporates Baldwin features like the Accu-just hitch pins, Synchro-tone bass strings, Baldwin plate mounting system and more. It has been completely reconditioned including action regulated and hammers voiced in the German manner.

A Rare Find for a High Performance Grand that can be equally at home on a concert stage in a small/medium sized Hall or a home studio!

Kimball, model 670-S, 6'7" Grand Piano (Viennese Classic--Bosendorfer)

PIANOKimball ,  model 670-S, 6’ 7”Grand Piano & Bench, serial # R19239

Piano:  Kimball, model 670-S, 6'7" Grand Piano (Viennese Classic--Bosendorfer)

Finish: Ebony Satin Finish.

Description:   Kimball, America’s Home Piano Company,  generally made pianos that had nice cabinets but were fair to poor musically.  Kimball Piano & Organ Company was purchased in the 1959 by the Jasper American Corporation who were the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world and produced pianos in French Lick, IN and West Baden, IN.  In 1966, the Habig family, owners of Jasper American, purchased the legendary Bosendorfer Company of Vienna and later, Herrburger Brooks of Long Eaton, England – noted manufacturer of piano actions and hammers. In the mid 1980's, Kimball created the Viennese Edition and then later, the Viennese Classic as a joint design venture with Bosendorfer.  Utilizing many Bosendorfer design features and ideas, they created a line that was compete as a performance piano with Yamaha, Kawai and others; butsadly,  themediocre execution of the finer details of both tonal and action regulation and other matters yielded only a somewhat better Kimball Grand than their regular Kimball product although was capable of much more. This piano was built and purchased new in 1994 from Circle Music by a university professor who played well but could not afford a Steinway.  We did extensive work to rectify many issuesincluding manufacturing a key stop rail that was NEVER even installed!  This piano received total refurbishing and everything was done to realize the Austrian design of Bosendorfer latent within the piano.  After work was done, this piano has far exceeded our expectations and is very much a Bosendorfer style instrument which is actually bigger sounding due to a maple rim instead of the Bosendorfer spruce rim.  It is a performer's piano and clearly is competitive with pianos costing 7 times more!!  Unbelievable value that is RARE!!

C. Bechstein model V, 6’ 7” Grand & Artist Bench. Serial # 48945

PIANOC. Bechsteinmodel V, 6’ 7” Grand & Artist Bench. Serial # 48945

Finish:    Ebony Polish Finish.

Description:  One of the world’s most highly prized pianos,  Bechstein is the renowned builder to the world’s most famous musicians and composers and is one of the most expensive pianos in the world.  Preferred by some of the world’s most famous musicians like Debussy, Liszt, Busoni, Gieseking, Ravel, and more, Bechstein has always had a devoted following. This piano was built in mid 1899 and was purchased and rebuilt by a J.B. Cox of McLean, Virginia in the 1981.  The piano is a 6’7” model V with turned legs and a very unique sound. It was rebuilt by Roger Quirk of Virginia shortly after purchase and maintained by Owen Pratt, RPT from Falls Church,VA.  The piano was then sold to Welsh opera singer, Cyril Lloyd who moved from Virginia to Granville, NY. The piano is completely reconditioned and is playing beautifully evidencing the classic early 20th century Bechstein sound.  Note the original ivory key-tops which have been banned since 1987. We have priced this rare piano at a once in a lifetime value.