C. Bechstein model V, 6’ 7” Grand & Artist Bench. Serial # 48945

PIANOC. Bechsteinmodel V, 6’ 7” Grand & Artist Bench. Serial # 48945

Finish:    Ebony Polish Finish.

Description:  One of the world’s most highly prized pianos,  Bechstein is the renowned builder to the world’s most famous musicians and composers and is one of the most expensive pianos in the world.  Preferred by some of the world’s most famous musicians like Debussy, Liszt, Busoni, Gieseking, Ravel, and more, Bechstein has always had a devoted following. This piano was built in mid 1899 and was purchased and rebuilt by a J.B. Cox of McLean, Virginia in the 1981.  The piano is a 6’7” model V with turned legs and a very unique sound. It was rebuilt by Roger Quirk of Virginia shortly after purchase and maintained by Owen Pratt, RPT from Falls Church,VA.  The piano was then sold to Welsh opera singer, Cyril Lloyd who moved from Virginia to Granville, NY. The piano is completely reconditioned and is playing beautifully evidencing the classic early 20th century Bechstein sound.  Note the original ivory key-tops which have been banned since 1987. We have priced this rare piano at a once in a lifetime value.