Steinway & Sons, model M, 5’7” Grand Piano, serial # 405762

PIANOSteinway & Sons,  model M, 5’7” Grand Piano &  bench,  serial # 405762

 Finish:     American Walnut Satin Finish.

Description:  Steinway is undoubtedly the piano that all musicians aspire to and some are lucky to own.   This model M, 5’7” Grand was manufactured in the Long Island City factory in February 1968 and is a remarkable example of pianos from the era when CBS owned the company.  This piano was owned by a manwho has now passed andhis daughter has decided to part with his beloved piano as well.  The piano was well cared for and was tuned regularly throughout its life.  The soundboard is in immaculate condition although there are typical Steinway pressure ridges due to Steinway soundboard tension. The balance of the piano is in very good condition having been played sporadically throughout its life.  The cabinet has seen more wear than the piano and the fallboard was obviously refinished duringits lifetime—probably some 20 years ago.   The piano is equipped with the Steinway Accelerated Permafree™ Action and is extremely responsive.  It is rare to find a newer Steinway M in this kind of musical condition and with such great power.  A rare find!