Steinway & Sons, model L, 5’10½” Grand & Artist bench, serial # 396191

PIANO:   Steinway & Sons, model L, 5’10½” Grand& Artist bench, serial # 396191

 Finish:   Satin Ebony in rubbed lacquer finish

Description:    From a fine musician who loved this piano in Delmar, this piano was hand-selected in Steinway Hall in NYC.   Made in New York in early 1966, this instrument was exceptionallywell maintained and the original soundboard is immaculate. Replete with famous Steinway features like Diaphramatic Soundboard, Hexagrip Maple Pinblock, Accelerated action with Permafree bushings, this piano will last easily for 100 years if well-maintained. The piano is original and has been completely reconditioned to concert-level performance. The Ebonized finish has been hand-rubbed to its original sheen.  This piano has a beautiful tone and has a treble much like the 9’ Concert Grand! In June of 2000, Rand Reeves, noted rebuilder, installed new Nu-tone English Hammers and Tokiwa shanks and flanges. It is generally agreed that these parts are superior to New York Steinway OEM parts. This piano had very little playing on the new hammers and is truly a beautiful sounding and playing piano—a true musician’s instrument!