Kimball, model 670-S, 6'7" Grand Piano (Viennese Classic--Bosendorfer)

PIANOKimball ,  model 670-S, 6’ 7”Grand Piano & Bench, serial # R19239

Piano:  Kimball, model 670-S, 6'7" Grand Piano (Viennese Classic--Bosendorfer)

Finish: Ebony Satin Finish.

Description:   Kimball, America’s Home Piano Company,  generally made pianos that had nice cabinets but were fair to poor musically.  Kimball Piano & Organ Company was purchased in the 1959 by the Jasper American Corporation who were the largest office furniture manufacturer in the world and produced pianos in French Lick, IN and West Baden, IN.  In 1966, the Habig family, owners of Jasper American, purchased the legendary Bosendorfer Company of Vienna and later, Herrburger Brooks of Long Eaton, England – noted manufacturer of piano actions and hammers. In the mid 1980's, Kimball created the Viennese Edition and then later, the Viennese Classic as a joint design venture with Bosendorfer.  Utilizing many Bosendorfer design features and ideas, they created a line that was compete as a performance piano with Yamaha, Kawai and others; butsadly,  themediocre execution of the finer details of both tonal and action regulation and other matters yielded only a somewhat better Kimball Grand than their regular Kimball product although was capable of much more. This piano was built and purchased new in 1994 from Circle Music by a university professor who played well but could not afford a Steinway.  We did extensive work to rectify many issuesincluding manufacturing a key stop rail that was NEVER even installed!  This piano received total refurbishing and everything was done to realize the Austrian design of Bosendorfer latent within the piano.  After work was done, this piano has far exceeded our expectations and is very much a Bosendorfer style instrument which is actually bigger sounding due to a maple rim instead of the Bosendorfer spruce rim.  It is a performer's piano and clearly is competitive with pianos costing 7 times more!!  Unbelievable value that is RARE!!