Ibach, F-III, 7'1" (215cm), 'model Richard Strauss Semi-Concert Grand

PIANO: Rud. Ibach Sohn, model F-III, 7'1" Semi Concert Grand & Artist Bench, serial # 145.015

Finish:  Ebony Polish

Description: Rud Ibach Sohn is the oldest piano company in the world still making pianos since 1794.  Rarer still, the company is in the hands of the original family with the 7th generation involved and involved in all stages of piano development and manufacture.  Piano builder to famous musicians like Richard Strauss, Richard Wagner, Ferruccio Busoni, Arnold Schoenberg, Franz Liszt, Max Reger, Alban Berg and more, Brahms preferred the sound of the Ibach for his piano concertos!  A very small output maker known for its innovation in design, Ibach was the first company to make a 'Pianino' or in today's terms, the studio upright 118cm (45" vertical piano). Another important historical fact is that Ibach pioneered the practice of building train tracks to the back of the factory to receive raw materials and ship out finished pianos -- the first factory of any kind to do this!   This piano was built in the Schwelm factory near Wuppertal in 1988 and was sent to my store and sold to a fine pianist.  F-III models are made in small quantities of only 35 a year to maintain the high attention to detail and quality.  Soundboards are highly crowned Carpathian Spruce sourced from the slow growth forests in Romania and have the longest sustain (ring time) in the business.  Carpathian Spruce, while similar to Val de Fiemme Spruce from Italy, is actually more sensitive and very expressive in tone.  This piano has a highly polished plate and features leather key bushings in the all Renner Action with specially made Renner hammers.  Ibach utilizes a wide tail design and scale that creates a more 'orchestral bass' and a singing tone that is huge all the way into the upper 6th octave!  This particular instrument has been used in concerts sparingly and has been the 'primo' piano in a two piano concert with a 9' Steinway model D.  The concert pianist chose this piano as the first piano because it carried and projected better than the Steinway -- due to its long sustain and rich tone.  This piano comes equipped with a Dampp-Chaser Humidity Control System.  One of the great pianos available in this country!

Very special item!

Ibach F-III Richard Strauss Semi-Concert Grand

Ibach F-III Richard Strauss Semi-Concert Grand